Wedding solutions

Your Foundation

01.Getting Started

  • Compiling and organizing your guest list
  • Establishing a realistic budget
  • Determining how best to spend your budget, including your “splurges”

02.Your Where and Wear

  • Determining your location: How to narrow it down and important questions to ask
  • Selecting your attire: Once you have your location and date, time to think about your dress!

03.Building Your Dream Team

  • In this course we will dive deep into hiring your vendors:
  • From entertainment to photography and videography and of course your beauty team
  • Including lists of what questions to ask and when to ask them

04.Invitations: The Write Way

  • Learn how to use your invitation, printed materials, and website to cohesively share your story

Landing your look: the design series

05.Your Big Day Blueprint

  • Learn ways to create a floor plan that contributes to both functionality and your overall design

06.Your Design Toolbox

  • Gain an understanding of the items that you have in your design toolbox
  • Includes an introduction to color theory, texture, scale, and floral elements

07.Moodboards And Communicating With Your Team

  • Learn to create mood boards to effectively convey your ideas to your event team
  • Tools to make the subjective items objective

08.Bringing Your Design to Life

  • We take you through the process of a mock table set up to determine your final elements

Your Big Day

09.Making it Meaningful: Your Ceremony

  • How to make your ceremony the main event
  • Giving your wedding day heart
  • Learn about the little things that cost nothing but add meaning to your ceremony
  • How to do your wedding day rehearsal for a flawless execution

10.Making Your Day Uniquely Yours: The Details

  • In this course, we review all the little touches that create big memories
  • Some of this will include your “splurges” and some are free

11.Creating Your Wedding Day Bible Including Your Event Schedule

  • We will teach you how to put together your schedule from beginning to end
  • Including photography, your beauty team, and of course the event itself

12.The Day After: Wrapping Everything Up

  • You think it’s over? Not quite!
  • We will take you through the loose ends that need to be tied up from closing out invoices to changing your name



Mindy Weiss and Debbie Geller began planning weddings together thirty years ago, combining their unique talents to create a formula proven for long term success. Since then, they have gone their separate ways, but continued to thrive in their own businesses, and both consistently being counted amongst the best wedding planners worldwide. Being lifelong friends, they have decided to partner once again, to share with you their process and pro-tips for reducing stress while planning your perfect wedding day.

Mindy Weiss is a creative genius. I didn’t have one idea what my wedding would look like when I began…
Nina Westbrook
It’s amazing that Debbie and Mindy are making their expertise accessible to people planning weddings around the country — those…
Ashley Rockman, married 2016
[Geller Events] have the unique talent to understand all the nuances, as well as the technical and financial elements involved…
James Berk, Father of bride
The team at Geller flawlessly executed all of our events and the result; a joyous and unforgettable weekend. We were…
James Berk, Father of bride
Thoroughly detailed, extremely creative, the most fun! When working with Mindy Weiss everything is so thoughtful and special, exactly what…
Emily Goldstein